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Reward Review
All you need to know about the annual reward review, including timelines, actions, and guidance.

The information on this page applies to our people in BGUK & Group only.

Information relating to pay and incentives is held separately for Bupa Dental Care employees;

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If you are a Bupa Care Services employee working in a care home or village and are below home/village manager level, please speak with your delivery partner directly.

What is Bupa's annual reward review?

The reward review is an annual cycle where your salary and bonus are reviewed by your manager or a reviewing manager. The activity comes after your end of year performance review, pay decisions and bonus scheme outcomes are directly influenced by your individual performance as well as Bupa's overall business performance.

What does that mean for me?

Depending on your eligibility, your individual performance and Bupa's overall business performance, your salary and bonus will be reviewed by your manager or a reviewing manager.

New salary decisions as a result of the reward review are effective from 1st April each year, with bonuses paid in March.

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Help for Managers

Bupa's annual reward review window usually occurs early February with activities required by people managers and reviewing managers before and during the window. We see people managers as all managers with people management responsibilities (i.e. those with direct reports) whereas reviewing managers are people managers who have the additional responsibility to make pay and bonus recommendations. 

Did you know? Not all people managers are reviewing managers, you will be contacted directly if you are a reviewing manager with specific actions and deadlines linked to the annual reward review.

There are two methods for completing this activity, largely determined by whether your area uses Workday or not, however there are some areas of BGUK & Group that use a combination of both so please ensure you follow local guidance.

Using Workday? Your reward review recommendations need to be completed using Advanced Comp, the reward review platform within Workday. You will come across 'merit plan' in the terminology used on Workday, this refers specifically to the salary aspect of the reward review only.

Not using Workday? Your reward review recommendations need to be collated in an Excel spreadsheet in a similar format seen in Advanced Comp.

Got a few minutes to learn more about Advanced Comp on Workday? Click on the following links to watch our videos.

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Help for Managers - Six Steps to Success

The following six elements map out keys steps and resources to help you with the reward review process.






December 2021 - January 2022Team Data Checks
People Managers

People Managers should ensure that any people data that impacts pay outcomes is up to date and accurate via Workday or offline for non-Workday.

See the Workday Data Checks Guide for further detail.

January 2022 - February 2022

Team Data Freeze (multiple systems: Workday, Peoplesoft, iTrent)

See local updates for specific dates per system.

People Managers

Data freezes will occur across multiple people systems to ensure any changes to pay information do not impact the reward review process.

See the Guide to Changes Made During the Reward Review for further detail.

2nd - 14th February 2022

Reward Recommendations

Reviewing Managers

Reviewing Managers make pay and bonus recommendations in line with pay principles and guidelines.

The Reward Review Manager Guide is available on the secure Manage My Team site to support.

From 16th March 2022

Reward Conversations

People Managers and Reviewing Managers

Post-approval, have meaningful reward conversations with your team , including base salary and bonus scheme outcomes.

The Reward Review Conversation Guide is available on the secure Manage My Team site to support.

31st March 2022Bonus Scheme Payment

Eligible Employees

Eligible employees will receive their bonus cash award within their March pay, evidenced on their payslip.
1st April 2022

Salary Changes

Eligible employeesAny base salary changes applicable to eligible employees as a result of the reward review will take effect, evidenced on their April payslip.
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Additional Resources

There are a number of other pages available to support you.


See the links below to find out more.


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Need some help?
If you have any questions, speak with your manager in the first instance.

Alternatively, you can raise a Service Now case with the BGUK MU Reward team via the pink question mark.
If you work in our Bupa Group function, please talk to your Group People Partnering Team.
If you work in our Bupa Global function, please talk to your Global People Partners.
You can also call the team on 0161 931 7500

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