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2020/21 Reward Review
All you need to know about the pay review and bonus, the timelines, actions, and guidance.

The Performance Review and Reward Review timelines have been developed jointly, particularly as the pay decisions and Management Bonus Scheme (MBS) outcomes are directly influenced by employee and business performance.  As in previous years, the pay review is effective 1 April and bonuses are paid in March.


On this page we cover information, guidance, timelines and actions for the following business lines and functions within Bupa Global & UK Market Unit:


  • Bupa Dental Care (*excluding practice-based employees below the level of Practice Manager)
  • Care Services (*excluding care home-based employees below the level of Home Manager)
  • Health Services
  • UK Functions
  • UK Insurance/ BINS
  • Bupa Global and Bupa Global EEA

* The pay review for the populations covered in our care homes and dental practices is managed separately. Please speak to your manager if you fall into this category and would like further information on pay review in your area.

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Advanced Comp (Workday) & Excel (non-Workday)

A new feature for the 2020/21 Reward Review is the introduction of ‘Advanced Comp’, our new Reward Review platform, which sits within Workday.  Advanced Comp (in Workday) supersedes Curo – the platform you may have been familiar with previously. 


If you are a Reviewing Manager in a part of the business that doesn’t use Workday, Reward Review recommendations will be gathered in Excel spreadsheets, which have a similar format to Advanced Comp.  In some parts of BGUK, recommendations will be gathered using both Advanced Comp and Excel spreadsheets. 


If you are a Reviewing Manager, please refer to your People Partner for guidance as to which platform you will be using.

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Timelines and actions

This is a timeline of the full pay review process, please make a note of the important dates in the review .







December 2020 - January 2021Check your team's dataPeople managers

To ensure that data that will impact pay outcomes are as up-to-date and accurate as possible

Read the Managers Guide to preparing for the Workday checks for Reward Review.


(*Data checks outside Workday will be done as part of an offline exercise) 

January 2021 - February 2021

Workday -Managing transactions before, during and after Reward Review. Some transactions within Workday (where there is an impact on pay) may have an impact on eligibility during the Reward Review window (5-15 February).


PeopleSoft – Data Freeze (22 January – 1 March)

This is when you won’t be able to update some transactions in PeopleSoft to make sure we have static data during the review.


iTrent – Data Freeze (15 January – 1 April)

This is when you won’t be able to update some transactions in iTrent to make sure we have static data during the review.

People managers

This ensures changes to pay information does not impact the Reward Review while the process is in place.

Read this guide on changes made during the Reward Review to understand potential impacts.

For PeopleSoft and iTrent, please speak with your People Partner if you need further information

5 - 15 February 2021

Make pay and bonus recommendations for team


This could be via Advanced Comp / spreadsheets / combination

Reviewing Managers

Review pay and bonus in line with pay principles and guidelines

See the Reviewing Manager guide for making Reward Review reccomendations - this document is hosted on our secure Manage My Team  site- in the Pay review area.

Early / Mid March 2021

Post business approvals, have a conversation with each member of your team about Reward Review outcomes, supported by Advanced Comp or Excel data.


Starting from the 2020/21 Reward Review, we will be minimising the reliance on letters to communicate pay outcomes (except where legally required), using existing systems to support the conversation.

People Managers and Reviewing Managers

Have meaningful conversations on pay outcomes with team members covering base salary and MBS / SBS outcomes.

See Reward Review Conversation Guide, SBS and MBS outcomes summary and training materials for Advanced Comp and Excel spreadsheets in our Manage My Team - Pay review area.

31 March 2021March payday for bonus payments.

Bonus-eligible employees

1 April 2021

Changes to pay become effective.

Pay review eligible employeesN/AN/A
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Pay review guide
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