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Smile: our health and wellbeing programme
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Eye Tests

Eye tests

If you regularly use display screen equipment (DSE), you could be eligible for a free eye test and, if you require glasses solely for DSE use, Bupa will contribute towards the cost. To find out more, download the document below.

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Health assessments
Our health assessments provide a chance to take stock of your health and wellbeing. They give you a detailed picture of where your health is at currently, with guidance on how to move it in the right direction for the future.

All Bupa health assessments include:

- Physical examination
- Consultation with a Bupa doctor and personalised health report
- Test results available on the same day in most cases
- Practical action plan with advice to help minimise future health risks


If you're eligible to join the Bupa Health Trust*, you can have a free health assessment every two years (or as stated in your contract). You can take up your health assessment after six months with us, unless your contract of employment states otherwise.

*In Care Services, this applies only to those in central operational roles (e.g. customer advisors and executives, quality/service improvement roles, regional secretaries and home managers).

Discounted health assessments 
During 2020, we are also offering a 40% discount on health assessments- for anyone who is not eligible for a free health assessment or for your friends and family. Simply email with your details and/or the name and phone number of your friend or family member. The bookings team will then give them a call back within 24 hours (make sure they have your name and job title to hand when the team call, as they'll be asked for this to verify who referred them).

More information, eligibility and booking 
To find out what happens at a health assessment, look at our overview of the health focus assessment (the standard assessment that most people are eligible for). Other options are available depending on your age, gender, level and length of service. Call 0345 600 2007, and select the option for health assessments to check what you are eligible for and to book an appointment.
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        Health information, tools and advice
        Medical kit 

        -From diet and fitness to mental wellbeing, our health information pages have a wealth of information from Bupa experts about a wide range of conditions, treatments and procedures, as well as advice on staying healthy and living well. You can also search the A-Z health index for specific topics.

         -We also have a selection of free tools and calculators to help you maintain your health, including alcohol, BMI and calorie calculators, and support for diabetes and end-of-life care.

         -We regularly share stories and information on a range of health topics in our newsletters. Bupa's Your Wellbeing calendar, which our customers can view, also has information and resources for you to use in team meetings and discussions.

         -To help you practice mindfulness anytime, anywhere, Bupa's mindfulness expert, Jane Bozier, has recorded a number of mindfulness podcasts for iTunes. You can use these podcasts both at home and at work, with some being suitable for children too.

         -We know that talking about mental health can help you, and those around you, to be healthier and happier. However, sometimes it can be hard to start the conversation. Our Take 10 to Talk Guide has some brilliant hints and tips to help break the ice.

         -If you're a manager, you play a really important role in supporting people to be at their best and promoting good mental health at work. Our Manager's Guide to Mental Health is a fantastic tool for helping you and your team stay on top form. (Note: you can find this guide in section 'H' -  Health and Wellbeing of our secure Manage my Team site)


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        Performance Energy
        Performance Energy is about understanding where you get your energy from, and how you can manage your energy levels as the pressures in your life increase and decrease. Our Performance Energy programme helps you identify and take ownership of what matters to you most, so you can be at your best in both work and life. Through building knowledge around physical and psychological wellbeing in your everyday life, you create a personal and practical action plan that allows you to better maintain your peak levels of energy.
        Performance Energy helps you focus on taking good care of a few important things in your life that are key to your own personal wellbeing- and it is having a dramatically positive impact. Since it launched in 2014, it has caused a massive change in the way many of our people lead their lives, both inside and outside Bupa.
        Visit Grow to find out more about how you can utilise Performance Energy.
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        Healthy working environments
        ​​Workplace illustration
        Wherever you work in Bupa, we're committed to providing a safe, healthy working environment. Depending on your location, we also provide a variety of facilities to encourage healthy behaviours. Look out for site-specific communications on what's available to you.

        If you regularly use display screen equipment (DSE) as a significant part of your normal work (daily and for periods of one hour or more), we have policies, online training, risk assessments and support in place for you. Read our health and safety pages to find out more information. To complete the online e-learning module on DSE and to complete the workstation self-assessment, you need to access Grow.

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        Financial wellbeing
        Piggy bank
        Money worries can often cause stress, so we offer a variety of ways to help you if there are occasions when you need financial support.
        - Our partners, Neyber and Leeds Credit Union, provide easier access and fairer finance for borrowing and saving- as well as advice on money management, savings and loans. Neyber also has free online tools available, like this budget planner (no sign up necessary). For more information, click here.
        - Our Healthy Minds Service can also provide you with practical support and information on money and debt management; please be aware that they don't offer financial advice for regulated products and services. Call 0345 600 2007 for 24/7 help.

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          Health Benefits and Cycle to work

          You can benefit from a range of offers from national gym chains and some of the biggest names in health and wellbeing, leisure, travel and retail- as well as tax savings on a bicycle for travelling to work.

          Other wellbeing discounts
          Bupa Rewards is the place to find new and exclusive wellbeing and leisure discounts.
          Travel vaccinations: Bupa employees can get 10% off with MASTA; call 0330 100 4200 and say you work for Bupa to book an appointment. Please take your Bupa pass/proof of employment with you to prove this.

          Smart DNA discount

          Smart DNA is a tool that can be used to support a healthy lifestyle, based on your genetics. You’ll receive three reports – nutrition, fitness and wellness, helping you to understand:

          • whether your body is sensitive to certain substances like alcohol, caffeine and carbohydrates.

          • how your genetics affect the way you respond to different types of exercise, your speed of recovery and likelihood of certain sporting injuries.

          • your body’s ability to cope with stress, whether you’re more productive in the morning or at night and how many hours of sleep you need each day

          Bupa colleagues receive £30 off with the code: BUPAEMPLOYEE when purchasing online:

          To help you take up a cost-effective, healthy and environmentally-friendly way to commute to work, Bupa provides the Cycle2Work scheme. It allows you to lease a bicycle and important accessories for 12 months, after which Bupa may transfer ownership of the bike and equipment to you as a gift (this would then be taxable). Visit our 
          Cycle2Work scheme page for more information.

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          Support for carers
          ​​Pram illustration

          If you have caring responsibilities, which can sometimes cause stress, Bupa has a number of ways to support you.

          New parents
          For new parents, we are part of Tommy's Pregnancy at Work Scheme. Tommy's has expertise to support you, your manager and your partner/family on a variety of pregnancy-related matters. Tommy's Pregnancy Line has experienced midwives who can advise on lifestyle and diet throughout pregnancy, and provide counselling and advice on care and treatment if your pregnancy doesn't go to plan.

          - Phone: 0800 0147 800 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
          - Email: (Please inform them that you work for Bupa when you make contact)

          Tommy's also has a member's community, where employees and managers can access information and download pregnancy at work guides- covering a range of topics, such as: how to best manage your pregnancy at work, tips on communications, and having a healthy pregnancy whilst working. Username: PregnancyBUPA, password: BUPA.

          Caring for elderly relatives
          With hundreds of Bupa nursing and residential care homes across the UK, we can also offer a wide range of personalised care services, both long and short-term.
          Whether you're just starting to think about care, need help understanding how to pay for care, or need advice on choosing the best type of care (either in a Bupa care home or elsewhere), our free Elderly Care Support Line is here to help you make the right decisions for you and your family.
          Learn more here or call our Elderly Care Support Line on 0370 218 8946; we may record or monitor your calls.


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          Flu jabs

          Take control of your health this winter


          2020 has been an unprecedented year so far. Now more than ever people are concerned about looking after their health and wellbeing.


          At Bupa we want to ensure our people have access to health and wellbeing support that really helps. That's why each year we give everyone the opportunity to receive a free flu vaccination.


          By getting a flu vaccination not only do you protect yourself but others around you including your family.



          About the flu vaccination


          The flu vaccine stimulates your body's immune system to make antibodies to attack the flu virus.


          Antibodies are proteins that recognise and fight off germs, such as viruses, that have invaded your blood.


          If you're exposed to the flu virus after you have had the flu vaccine, your immune system will recognise the virus and immediately produce antibodies to fight it. It may take 10 to 14 days for your immunity to build up fully after you have had the flu vaccine.


          You need to have a flu vaccination every year as the antibodies that protect you from flu decline over time, and flu strains can also change from year to year.


          If you'd like to know more about how the flu vaccine can protect you, read more here or if you want to talk to someone about whether a flu vaccination is right for you then please call the free Bupa Anytime Healthline on 0345 600 2007, option 5.



          How to receive your free flu vaccination


          Important update: changes due to Covid-19


          Due to the continued impact of COVID-19 we must ensure that we provide a safe and secure service. We have therefore made the decision, and based on your feedback, not to have any onsite clinics this year. But that doesn't mean we're not providing you with the opportunity to get a free flu vaccination. This season we will be providing Bupa vouchers for you to redeem at a participating pharmacy.


          You'll be able to get these from 5 October – 30 November.


          Bupa flu vouchers


          You will be able to order your flu vouchers online shortly. This page will be updated when it becomes available.


          It's important to understand that:

          • Vouchers need to be ordered before the end of November.
          • Only one voucher can be ordered per employee.
          • Please only order one if you're definitely planning to get a flu jab.
          • Vouchers are non-refundable so please make sure you redeem them.


          For people working in our Care Homes, we're running the vaccinations through the NHS England National Flu Programme as we did last year. We'll share details of how to get your flu vaccination through Care Services communication channels.


          For people working in Dental ROI, flu vouchers will be sent to practices. You will also be able to claim your flu vaccination back via expenses if you are not sent a voucher.


          For people working at The Cromwell you can receive your flu vaccinations onsite at the hospital. You will also have the opportunity to get a Bupa voucher.


          Other ways to get a free flu vaccination


          Did you know that if you are in one of the groups listed below you can access a free flu vaccination on the NHS at your GP Surgery;


          • People who are required to shield from coronavirus and anyone they live with
          • People with some medical conditions including diabetes, heart failure and asthma
          • Pre-school children over the age of two
          • Pregnant women
          • All primary school children, as last year, and, for the first time Year 7 pupils
          • Initially all people over 65, before the programme is extended to those over-50s


          The NHS will get in contact with all those who are eligible.


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          Bupa. Be Well

          Bupa. Be Well is our new health and wellbeing proposition delivered by Bupa Health Clinics. From August, the current health assessments we offer will change to the new health and wellbeing plans (as they’ll be known going forward). These brand new health and wellbeing plans will provide a more personalised journey for our people and our customers.

          More information coming soon.

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