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Posted : 22 January 2018

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 Viv Birch, Care Services








Aileen Waton, Head of Dementia and Professional Standards, Care Services

Aileen qualified as a mental health nurse back in 2006 from Paisley University in Scotland. She started working in one of our care homes as a night nurse. Aileen has worked for Bupa for 12 years now, always in an operational role until January 2018. Aileen enjoyed operations and worked at every level until she became the Managing Director for Scotland and North in December 2016. She recently moved into the role of Head of Dementia and Professional Standards. In this role she am working to deliver a plan on Dementia Care which will be embedded across our UK care services and Richmond Care Villages. Aileen's main interest is Dementia and End of Life Care.

Jackie Burgess, Cromwell Hospital


Jackie Burgess joined the Executive Team at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital in the capacity of Chief Nurse having been promoted in January 2016.  Prior to this Jackie had been Directorate Manager of Cardiology and Medicine for 15 months having been promoted after 3 years of leading the nursing teams within the Cardiology and Medical Directorate and Paediatric Directorate.  Prior to joining Bupa Cromwell Hospital Jackie had 10 years experience within the NHS working in Intensive Care and private practice.


​Lucy Brown, UK Clinical


Lucy is the Clinical Director for Nursing for Health Clinics. Lucy is a Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse. She started her nursing career at Guys and St Thomas' before moving to The Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane. Whilst in Brisbane, Lucy became a Paediatric Retrieval Nurse working with the Royal Flying Doctors Service and Queensland Emergency services to pick up critically ill children.

Lucy also completed an MSc in Critical Care and won the 2011 Dorothy Clarke award for most outstanding thesis in paediatrics, which gained her a place within the Golden Key Honour Society for Academic Excellence. More recently, she has become a Florence Nightingale Leadership Scholar.


In her spare time, she loves running and being outdoors and is set to embark on more off road marathons this year.

Paul Carruthers - Nursing Executive


Paul started his nursing career after finding a health care assistant role within the local district hospital. With a background in Car Mechanics, this was an unfamiliar environment for Paul but he really strived for the sense of achievement he was getting from helping others. Following this role Paul decided to work towards becoming a nurse which meant going back to night school to improve his GCSE results. This then helped Paul to gain a place on the 2008 nurse diploma course. After completing his diploma in 2010 Paul started working in Accident & Emergency which he loved due to its fast pace and wide range of specialisms.


A few years later Paul moved to Manchester were he continued his career in Accident & Emergency at a major trauma centre. It was here where Paul became a team leader helping to support the department and he began to develop his leadership skills. After 5 years of hands on care Paul came across a nurse health coaching role at Bupa. Paul then wanted to learn more about the insurance side of the business and took a role on the Care Support Team which supported inpatient management.


After a few months Paul secured a Clinical Lead role within the Care Support Team and he developed new processes, created new evidence based tools and built relationships with other teams within Bupa. Paul has recently been successful in securing the Executive Nurse role of which he brings great passion. Paul is extremely excited to grab this opportunity to help support the nursing community at Bupa.  



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