Leading Clinical Excellence with Passion

Posted : 26 January 2018

Lucy Brown Head of Clinical Leadership and Engagement and Paediatric Nurse recently won a Stardust award for making a positive impact on people’s lives.

Lucy was nominated for her work in paediatric intensive care both in the UK and Australia, her role as a paediatric retrieval nurse with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and more recently in developing others through the Leading Clinical Excellence programme at Bupa UK.


As part of her quality improvement project for the Florence Nightingale Foundation Leadership scholarship, Lucy helped launch the pilot of Bupa’s first Clinical Leadership development programme last year.


Lucy said, “I am so proud of what we have created with the Leading Clinical Excellence programme at Bupa UK. The focus of the programme is on upskilling our clinical leaders to have a really positive impact. By supporting our clinical leaders to positively lead change we can make a significant difference to the quality of care provided to our patients, residents and customers.”


Lucy began her career in banking. After her mother passed away she re-evaluated what was important in life and took the decision to retrain as a nurse. “I saved up to support myself through university and fortunately gained a place at the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing at Kings College London. It was quite a change for me as a Cornish girl to move to London. I can quite honestly say becoming a nurse has been one of my greatest achievements in life. It’s a privilege to support people in their most vulnerable stages of life.”

Lucy currently leads the Clinical Excellence development programmes, the Clinical Engagement team including OurBupa and the Lecture series as well as the Clinical Effectiveness team which conducts evidence reviews on the latest treatments, procedures and drug therapies to keeping Bupa one step ahead of the latest developments in healthcare.


“I love what I do; if I can enable and empower our clinicians to become better at influencing and negotiating in the world of healthcare then our patients, customers and residents will ultimately receive a better quality of care and experience. It’s all about our customers for me.


My focus this year is to continue to make sure our people are really getting the most out of the development opportunities available to them, through our clinical webinar and lecture series, OurBupa, and of course the Clinical Excellence Essentials and Leading Clinical Excellence programmes.


Our team are also committed to supporting our nursing community and retaining and attracting amazing nursing talent.”


To find out more about the LCE programme please click here.



Pictured Dr Marina Nani, Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee and Lucy Brown






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