Global Bupa Nurse Fellowship

Posted : 14 March 2018

Join Bupa's global network of amazing nurses.

​The fellowship is aimed at helping Bupa nurses around the world to connect and raise the profile of nursing.


By joining the fellowship, Bupa nurses will:

•Join a global network of amazing nurses  

There are over 8,500 nurses in Bupa. By joining the fellowship, Bupa nurses will be able to learn about what other nurses do and connect with colleagues around the world.


Have access to global Bupa Nurse scholarships of up to £10,000 

Bupa nurses are the largest professional group present in all of Bupa's businesses. By joining the fellowship, you will be able to apply for a global Bupa nurse scholarships. In 2018, Bupa is awarding up to £10,000 to five nurses. The scholarship is for Bupa nurses to invest in their development as clinical leaders and implement a clinical improvement project. To apply, please submit the application form by April 13th 11:59pm (local time). Evelyn Bourke, Bupa's Chief Executive Officer, will announce shortlisted scholars the week before International Nurses Day.


Have access to a global mentoring programme

Bupa nurses make a difference to our customers, clinical excellence and business performance all over the world. By joining the fellowship, Bupa nurses will be able to learn from a Bupa colleague they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. The global mentoring programme is aimed at Bupa nurses who have identified a specific development area they would like to focus on in the next 6 months. Mentors and mentees will be matched based on their development area and geographical preference. The deadline to sign up to the mentoring programme is Friday 30th March 11:59pm (local time).


Our vision is to build a global community of Bupa nurses that are recognised for their impact on customer, clinical excellence and business performance. If you want to help us build this community, you can now sign up and join Bupa's global network of amazing nurses. You will receive a welcome letter from Jan Adams, Bupa's Global Chief Nurse, explaining how you can make the most of the fellowship.


Our hope is that together Bupa nurses will have a voice and influence the future of nursing at Bupa, and ultimately that of our customers. Whether you work in our insurance business, clinics or front-line care in hospitals and aged care, you can help shape this agenda and grow our global community of Bupa Nurses. 


More information about the fellowship, scholarships and the global mentoring programme can be found in the FAQ document.




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