Celebrating 15 years at Bupa

Posted : 28 February 2018

Helen Bedwell, Claims Clinical Lead Nurse in UK Insurance is taking her retirement after a wonderful 15 years working for Bupa.

​Helen’s journey

Helen started her journey as a Nurse in 1978 where she began her training at Middlesex Hospital London. After her three year training course Helen went on to a number of roles within the NHS, as well as building her family and moving homes. Her roles within the NHS included General Practice nursing and  surgical nursing. Helen joined Bupa in September 2000 where she worked as a care management nurse within the Clinical Authorisation Team, here Helen specialised within hysterectomy and wisdom teeth authorisations. After three years within this team Helen made the decision to leave Bupa where she went back to ward nursing for two years. However it was not long before Helen realised that her calling was with Bupa so in July 2005 Helen returned and has completed a variety of roles since. Helen has worked as a Case Management nurse; she’s worked within the policy teams, the authorisation teams, complex case management teams and many more before commencing her current role as Claims Clinical Lead and has been in post for two years since.

Helen’s Achievements

Within Helen’s 15 years working at Bupa, she has had many achievements and has gained some great experience. Whilst working in the obstetrics and gynaecology team, Helen was nominated for one of the Bupa Global Awards. Helen has started up and managed different teams within her time at Bupa but her favourite achievements have been receiving thank you presents and messages from members and patients for her work. What a great reward to show the great service that Helen has given to our members.

Helen’s challenges and advice to new nurses

There were some challenges for Helen, but with challenges comes experience and learning opportunities. Helen has some top tips for new nurses within Bupa.
• Firstly keep an open mind – working in the private healthcare sector is very different from the NHS, give yourself time to adapt and learn 
• Gain experience – whether this is within different teams or with different clinicians, move around the business and find an area you want to own!
• Keep up to date with evidence based practice to ensure our customers receive high quality appropriate care.

Thank you Helen for your hard work, dedication and your wise words. Enjoy your retirement – thoroughly deserved! 

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