Carmen Marchidan gets invited to Buckingham Palace!

Posted : 09 February 2018

Carmen Marchidan, the CSM at the Abbotsleigh Mews Care Home has received a very exciting invitation this morning.

Carmen has been invited to a reception event at Buckingham Palace, in the presence of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, on the 14th March. The event is for those who are engaged in front line nursing within the UK. At present Carmen is not sure who has nominated her for the event she feels so excited to have the honour to attend the event and to have the opportunity whilst working for such a great team at Bupa UK.


Carmen joined Bupa 10 years ago where she started as a registered nurse. In those 10 years she has worked her way up the ranks to Clinical Services Manager. Her main responsibilities include management of the four homes within the Abbotsleigh Mews Care Home, checking for problems and attending emergencies, offering her staff support and carrying out nurse shifts when needed. Congratulations Carmen and enjoy your visit to Buckingham Palace!


Carmen Marchidan with her invitation to Buckingham Palace.



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