​Helpful health information websites

The websites in this list are sources of reliable, high-quality health information, which you can direct customers to.    

If a Bupa customer or patient is in need of health information, we recommend that in the first instance you direct them to relevant pages from Bupa's health information. 


Bupa has over 400 medical information pages covering a wide range of conditions, medicines and procedures. This area also has a wealth of health and wellbeing articles from Bupa's clinical experts.

If you can't find what you're looking for on these pages, or the customer or patient needs further health information, please direct them to relevant sites from the list below. These sites have been carefully vetted to ensure they provide consistently high-quality information and have editorial processes in place that mean the information is kept up to date.

Please note that this list only covers sites that provide high-quality health information. If you wish to signpost a customer to practical or emotional support, or information on local services, you may need to use websites that aren't on this list.



Want to suggest a website that's not on the list already ?


Bupa believes these resources are a trusted and reliable source of health information. We haven't reviewed everything they produce and we are not responsible for the content or availability of any materials or websites that do not belong to Bupa.


The information doesn't replace advice from a doctor, nurse or physiotherapist and is not meant for medical diagnosis or treatment.


If you work for Bupa and want to suggest a website, please email healthinfo@bupa.com with your name, email and business area.

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