Online Management Course

Posted : 04 November 2016

Are you a manager? Or looking to develop skills in management?

There is a great FREE course available on the Open University website OpenLearn.

The course will introduce you to the world of management through topics that include, what managers do, what skills they require and how to develop in a management position.


Visit the website to start your course.


Learning outcomes include:


  • identify the roles which are fulfilled while working as a manager
  • identify managerial activities that contribute to managerial effectiveness
  • identify a cause of stress in managerial life
  • understand time pressures and the need for time management


There are also a wide range of other free courses and learning material available on OpenLearn that you and your colleagues can use. Let us know if you manage to complete a course – maybe you could write a short blog about your experience and encourage others to join in. 


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