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Posted : 04 January 2016

Lucy Brown, Head of Clinical Talent talks to us about the new CPD calendar and the secondment opportunities within Bupa.
​I am so pleased that with the support of the UK Clinical Engagement team we have managed to develop a fantastic clinical training resource in the form of the CPD calendar. This allows clinicians from across Bupa UK to share learning opportunities, secondments, seminars, webinars, journal clubs, training sessions and online Elearning. This is an incredibly rich resource which is owned by you as clinicians so please do share any learning opportunities. Perhaps you'd like to host a webinar on your area of clinical expertise like Pablo Vandenbeele, Mental Health Clinical Director or Sarah O'Farrell, Behaviour Change Expert.

On the CPD calendar we have training resources from Venepuncture to Bariatric MDT meetings, Strategy planning to Time Management and everything in between. If you are a training provider and would like to extend your clinical training sessions to the wider clinical audience you can now add them directly to the CPD calendar – click on the 'Add a course here' button on the CPD calendar. So simple to use!

We are also so pleased to be able to share CPD learning opportunities in the form of short term secondments. I thought it best to explain this in more detail - Secondments can take many different forms. In this instance we are providing secondments across the business for clinicians to upskill in a defined clinical area. This will need to be discussed and agreed with your line manager before showing an interest.

Have you lost confidence in your airway management skills? Need a skills session in guedels, magills, LMA’s, ambubags and ventilation – why not spend some time in theatres, recovery and ICU?

Working in the community administering chemotherapy and feel you need exposure to the fast pace Oncology unit? Book yourself in.

Do you need a revision session on ECG’s? Why not work alongside the Cardiac technicians for the day?

These secondments are designed to assist your learning and clinical skills rather than provide long term placements. Rest assured we are currently investigating how best to accommodate long secondments term across the business. However as you can appreciate we need to ensure the logistical and operational side is looked at thoroughly.

As always please do keep providing your feedback and comments. I love hearing from you all.

Best wishes and Happy Learning

Lucy Brown

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