A day in the life of a Cardiology Assistant

19 February 2018
To celebrate National Heart Month, Cardiology Assistant - Sophie Stimson from the Canary Wharf Health and Dental Centre provides us with details on her daily activities with her cardiology patients.

​Working as a Cardiology assistant at Crossrail involves working alongside the cardiologists and echo physiologists, as well as the doctors who refer into the service to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for the patients. The majority of our patients get referred from their health assessments after abnormalities have been found such as abnormal ECG’s, elevated blood pressure, murmurs, or if they display symptoms which could relate to a cardiac issue. We also get a number of external referrals from NHS GP’s or hospitals often after a patient has visited A&E.


Working alongside the health assessment doctors allows us to discuss referrals and make sure they are able to see the most appropriate cardiologist as soon as possible. It has also allowed myself and the doctors to learn more about cardiology and to get advice and reassurance when abnormalities are detected.


When a patient is first referred to Cardiology they are triaged by the Cardiac Support Team within Bupa Insurance or by our in house Member Services Adviser or by myself. Depending on their symptoms they will be split into two packages and this helps to guide which cardiologist would be best for them to see. We have two cardiologists here at Crossrail; Dr Boon Lim who specialises in Electrophysiology and Dr Sukh Nijjer who specialises in Interventional Cardiology.


As a Cardiology Assistant my first point of contact with the patient will be performing initial investigations which includes bloods, blood pressure and an ECG. Some patients will also have an echocardiogram as well depending on their symptoms. I will book their consultation with the Cardiologist and discuss the reason for their referral and pass this onto Boon and Sukh to provide them with background information prior to the consultation. If there are any significant abnormalities with ECG or with the blood results when they are received I will contact Boon or Sukh to check whether they need to be seen more urgently. In these situations we are also able to liaise with the Basinghall Centre who have a number of consultants and potentially get the patient seen sooner.





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