My First Trip to Manchester

Posted : 14 February 2018

On Monday 12th February I took my first visit to Salford Quays to visit some of the teams in UK Insurance.

I had never been on a high speed train before so I was very impressed (and a little excited) that I could get from London to Manchester in just two hours!  At first I joined the Insurance Nurse meeting that was being held by Luke James. My line manager, Lucy Brown gave an update on all the fantastic CPD opportunities and events that are available to our clinical community.  It really highlighted how we need to all take ownership for our own professional development.


After lunch it was time for me to start visiting some different teams across the Insurance business. I started by having a catch up with Dee Waterhouse, Lead Nurse from Insurance. Dee gave me an overview of the UK insurance business and all the different teams; including Mental Health, Oncology, MSK, Cardiac Support, Coach, Care support and many more. I was so surprised to discover the extent of our clinicians within the insurance team and all the hard work that they do to look after our patients and customers.


Next, I visited the Oncology team, where I had a chance to listen to calls the clinicians were taking. The Oncology Team typically receive calls to discuss the patient’s follow up treatment options,  give reassurance to members,  have discussions on what is included within their policies, and facilitate end of life conversations – dealing with these calls with such empathy and professionalism. After my flying visit with the Oncology team I moved over to the Cardiac Support team to do some more call listening. Here the patients can call in to discuss investigations or medications, post surgery recovery or any other clinical queries and support. One call that I had listened to was regarding a patient who had had an ablation but was still feeling uncomfortable post procedure. The nurse talked through his concerns, gave reassurance and what steps he could take next. The continued support and care for our patients is outstanding.


After meeting the Cardiac support team, I moved on to the COACH team. COACH is an abbreviation for “Coaching Patients on Achieving Cardiovascular Health”. I had a really great discussion with one of the clinicians working for this team on what the programme is and how they deliver it. This is a service that is available to our patients who have had previous cardiac events or procedures such as stents or heart bypass. The Coach team is made up of 2 dieticians and 3 nurses and together they empower and educate the patient to know more about their health. The COACH programme is a six month programme and it includes calls every 4-6 weeks where the clinician will go through their risk factors. These could be medical risk factors such as blood results or blood pressure measurements or they can be lifestyle factors including exercise and nutrition. The coach programme aims to minimise the risk factors, in line with NICE guidelines, in order to reduce their overall risk of cardiovascular disease. The team use different techniques including motivational interviewing and shared decision making in order for the customer to make their own goals to improve their health. Spending time with this team was great, I got a really good understanding of what their team do and the preventative measures they use to reduce risk of CVD to our patients.


Following on from this team I also visited the Mental Health team where they take calls with patients who may be distressed or feeling vulnerable. I joined the physiotherapy team, the treatment options service team and lastly the care support team.

It was a flying visit to all of the teams but it was really insightful to see what other clinicians within the business do. Thank you all for a wonderful day at Salford Quays.

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