Leading Clinical Excellence... the story so far

Posted : 17 April 2018

Thomas Charlton, Leading Clinical Excellence (LCE) delegate shares his experience of the LCE programme so far.

LCE 2018: Getting out of your comfort zone, understanding yourself, developing leadership skills and building a strong business-wide network
I was excited and honoured to secure a place in the first cohort of the highly anticipated 2018 Leading Clinical Excellence programme. I had heard fantastic things from the 2017 cohort and couldn’t wait to embark on this three-month journey of self-discovery and professional development. 
We are one month in and have already covered so much! A massive thank you to Lucy Brown and Clare Scully and their teams for developing the programme and to Bupa UK for putting clinician professional development at the heart of what we do.
So far, we have covered ‘insights’ (a framework for self-understanding and development), emotional intelligence, strategy and change management theory. The perfect balance of self-discovery and practical tools and techniques to manage others and effectively lead change.


Getting out of your comfort zone

Day one started with an ice breaker, sharing ‘something interesting about yourself’ with a group of 20 strangers! Followed up with group activities such as tower building with spaghetti! 
These activities, coupled with Lucy’s kind and accommodating approach, have created an environment where the whole group is able to open up, sharing experiences and challenges, enabling us to grow as a group.





Understanding yourself
My ‘insights’ profile highlighted areas for personal development but also offered suggestions to build capabilities within my team. We also learnt the importance of knowledge of your ‘shadow’, the impression you leave that can have a greater impact than the words you use.


Developing leadership skills


We learnt about team motivation with reinforcement, the importance of explaining WHY when sharing a vision and the 'ABC model' of behavioural change. This was complemented with practical sessions on strategy and change management.


Building a strong business-wide network


We very quickly gelled as a group and were able to immediately offer practical help, advice and resources for ongoing projects across business lines. Sharing this exciting, informative development journey together will establish strong connections for years to come.


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