A big congratulations to Jennifer Law!

Posted : 15 June 2019

A fantastic achievement from Jennifer Law from UK Insurance for successfully securing a 2019 Global Nurse Scholarship!

‚ÄčThis year we saw a sharp increase in applications compared to previous years and the competition was



Everyone who applied had some fantastic and unique project ideas and all shared a passion for self-development. However, there was only room for one winner and Jennifer Law was that well deserving nurse. Let's hear from Jennifer and see how she intends to use this incredible opportunity:


"After completing my interview and feeling I'd given it my all, I waited with baited breath to hear if I'd been successful in my application to be the Global Nurse Scholar for the UK.  I'd applied for the scholarship as I'm keen to develop myself and my career but also the opportunity to meet, collaborate and work with other people from our different Global business units is particularly appealing to me. 


So, after completing my interview and trying to put it to the back of my mind, although I'll readily admit, not very successfully.  I was elated when the email came through advising I'd been successful.  Luckily, I was with clinical colleagues at the time who knew I'd applied for the scholarship, so it was great to share my good news with them and then ring my family who were equally as thrilled as I was.


In terms of my project.  Last year I was fortunate to attend The Leading Clinical Excellence programme, as part of this I completed a quality improvement project.  My project examined looking at commercial awareness for clinicians working in UK Insurance.  As well as continuing to drive this project forward, I will add to this the second key part of my project, which is looking at how we manage our high cost claims most effectively. 


As new technologies and treatments are emerging into our healthcare landscape, care is costing more each year, with medical inflation rising too.  Addressing and looking at how we manage our healthcare costs is one way we can remain sustainable in the future.  Healthcare sustainability is one of the key focuses for Alex Perry our CEO in UK insurance this year. Additionally, we have a responsibility to ensure our clinicians are given the knowledge to enable them to deliver a first-class service to our customers, this will in turn aid towards the retention of our highly skilled and trained clinical staff.


In short, as you've probably gathered from my above thoughts, I'm thrilled and delighted to be the UK Global Nurse Scholar!"

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