The UK Clinical Excellence Awards - Winners Announced!

Posted : 10 September 2018

The 2018 UK Clinical Excellence Awards were celebrated last week at the Etc. Venue in St Paul’s, London. 140 colleagues from Bupa UK gathered at the event to celebrate the theme of “Continually supporting quality improvement”.

Bupa UK Medical Director, Paula Franklin opened the event with a warm welcome to the delegates and introduced keynote speaker Jamil Qureshi.


Jamil is a Performance Psychologist and foremost practitioner of performance enhancing psychology, he's worked with a rich diversity of the most talented business and sports people across the world. Jamil is also one of one a few external psychologists ever to be allowed to study astronauts on the NASA Space Programme. Jamil gave an engaging keynote speech and hosted a practical psychology workshop to embed the topics covered and bring it to life with the delegates.


Jamil talked about the way we make business decisions and the impact different approaches can have. For example, if a company makes decisions based on mitigating risk or thinking about what it might lose then the business maintains status quo. But if you want your business to perform well then you have to play to what you want to achieve, not avoid. He also believes that businesses can achieve this with the skills their people already have - they just need to be applied from a different perspective.


A CEO Business Challenge set by David Hynam and Kieran West gave clinicians the opportunity to share their ideas in a current strategy challenge that our business is facing.


The Leading Clinical Excellence programme, a three-month leadership programme for clinical and operational leaders, was celebrated throughout the day and evening events. The programme’s purpose to drive forward quality improvement and lead change effectively culminates in the delegates completing a Quality Improvement Project within their area of the business. During the event, the most recent Leading Clinical Excellence cohort showcased their poster presentations within the afternoon’s Exhibition Fair. The delegate’s achievements were also celebrated with a graduation event held during the evening drinks reception.











Outstanding Clinical Talent

Sarah Richardson

Sarah has had a wonderful journey during her time at Bupa. Sarah is responsible for the welfare of the residents and the team of carers at Ashley Park Care Home. Sarah was nominated for the Clinical Talent award by her line manager due to her extraordinary commitment to Bupa. Sarah is devoted to her residents and works to make their lives as comfortable, safe and varied as possible.















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