Clinical Network Breakfast - 07/06/2018

Posted : 08 June 2018

The third Clinical Network Breakfast took place yesterday at the Zifferblat venue in Salford, we were joined by clinicians from insurance, local care homes and other areas of the business.

We all grabbed some much needed caffeine and the event began. I started with some general housekeeping and gave an outline of all the engagement and development opportunities that are available for the rest of 2018. This includes the lecture series, clinical focus days and webinars. Please keep an eye out on OurBupa for details of these events if you would like to attend. We were joined by Viv Birch who gave a great update on all of the business areas and what each of the areas is working on at the moment. It was really interesting to hear that care services have embedded a new nurse competency workshop to engage with the nurses and listen to their experiences. We heard from Ellie Atkins and Justin Hayde-West, Bupa UK Clinical Fellows, who delivered a fantastic presentation on "The importance of sleep and benefits of meditation". Ellie started by covering what sleep is, the circadian rhythm and the causes and effects of sleep deprivation. Justin covered medications that may be prescribed for bad sleep, their side effects and then gave a 3 minute meditation exercise to all of the delegates in the room. Meditation is one of the most effective methods to improve your sleep and is very simple to do just before bedtime. After listening to the speakers, we had 30 minutes of networking, more coffee and some breakfast before everyone headed off in their own directions. Thank you to everyone that came. If you would like to attend one of these Clinical Network Breakfast events, please look out on OurBupa and Yammer for communications.


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