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Posted : 01 May 2018

Meet the Lifestyle Health Coaching team who provide support to our Health Assessment customers in achieving their health goals.


Jonathan Fineberg, Health & Lifestyle Coaching Manager


Launched in January 2016 as part of our new health assessment products, the Lifestyle Health Coaching team provides support to customers to achieve or engage with lifestyle related goals. Customers are offered two telephone coaching sessions at week 6 and 12 following their health assessment.


The sessions are facilitated by our Lifestyle Health Coaches, who have a variety of educational backgrounds, including sports science, sports performance and nutrition. The team use behaviour change techniques to coach customers around one of six themes: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, Smoking, Alcohol and Stress.


Their personal approach uses a combination of telephone and on-line support, including Bupa Boost and SMS engagement, to help customers’ stay focused on their health and wellbeing.




Jake Williams, Lifestyle Coach

The lifestyle coaching call is to support our customers in goals they have set at the health assessment six weeks prior to the call, we are here to encourage and support them through these lifestyle changes to improve their overall health and well-being. Our main focus areas are physical activity, nutrition, smoking, alcohol, stress and sleep.

Jake's Lifestyle Tip:

Each step you’re taking may be worrying, especially if it’s out of your comfort zone and that’s why supporting customers to set SMART goals are beneficial for multiple reasons. Make sure they aren’t vague, plans are already in place, you can monitor your progress and most importantly you feel confident to achieve the goal set, one step forward and three steps back isn’t the Bupa Lifestyle Coaching way, we are here to support you step by step using motivational techniques. If a goal you’ve set is feeling tough to accomplish we are here to break that goal down further to make it easier to succeed.    



James Plumb, Lifestyle Coach


On the Bupa Lifestyle Coaching team we want to help you make small changes that make a big difference in one area or more of our customers’ busy day-to-day lives. We help each person find what works best for them and then agree specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed (SMART) goals to achieve sustainable lifestyle change.


Jame's Lifestyle Tip:


Having an all day approach to being active! It’s just as important what you’re doing in the 23 hours of the day whilst you’re not exercising as that one hour in the gym when you are. Walking around for 2-5 minute every hour whilst at work can burn an extra 130 calories a day. Doing these little things over the space of a day, week, month all add up to something bigger!





Grant Kerr, Lifestyle Coach

As a lifestyle health advisor we aim to offer additional lifestyle help and support to our customers following on from their health assessment. We focus our advice based on an individual level, which allows us to offer relevant and quality information that is specific to each customer’s needs and goals.


Grant's Lifestyle Tip:

Be careful on the information you read online about health and lifestyle advice. If you’re looking to try a different strategy for a health change, do some research on the positive and negative aspects that come with it. General rule for safety would be to avoid advice where whole food groups are restricted or prohibited; these are often the most dangerous.

On a more positive note, focus on why you would like to make a change and the positive effects it will have on you and your family. This can lead to a greater desire to achieve your goals.




Elliot Moore, Lifestyle Coach


During a lifestyle coaching call we will discuss your current lifestyle and find out if there are any factors that you would like to work on to improve your health and wellbeing. From this, we will offer advice, information and support to guide you towards achieving your goals and working towards a longer, healthier, happier life.


Elliot’s Lifestyle Tip:


If you are working towards a goal, finding a way to track your progress can increase the chances of you sticking to it. You can use mobile apps such as Bupa Boost, to track lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, alcohol and sleep. If apps aren't for you then keep track of progress using a calendar or good old fashioned pen and paper.



James Gladman, Lifestyle Coach


We aim to provide support to our customers in achieving lifestyle specific goals that they set during their health assessment. We combine our knowledge and expertise in health and lifestyle specific fields with motivational coaching techniques to guide individuals to achieve their goals and live the lifestyle they want.


James' Lifestyle Tip:


Perseverance! Making a lifestyle change and learning new habits can be difficult. Research suggests that when learning new skills or starting new goals, the information is first sent to the part of the brain which is inefficient at processing these lifestyle changes. It takes approximately 66 days for new lifestyle changes to move to a more efficient part of the brain, allowing the changes to feel easy, like second nature. So stick with your new goals for two months, and you’ll see the rewards!


​Richard Mcvey, Lifestyle Coach


On the lifestyle coaching team we aim to support people post-health assessment with the areas of lifestyle that they wish to change or maintain. This support is based around six key areas of health, and is personalised to the individuals needs. We would never tell someone what they need to do, just help to guide them with what they want to achieve! Since this service started in January 2016, we have seen very positive feedback ranging from people reporting small but effective changes to ‘life-changing improvements’.


Richard's Lifestyle Tip:


I think the best way to go about making a change is using small steps. For example, losing weight for a sedentary person doesn’t have to mean starting a routine of five 5km runs per week, as this will be unrealistic and de-motivating. Small changes such as a 15 minute lunch time walk three times per week, swapping sugar for sweetener in hot drinks or adding in one extra alcohol free day per week can make a big difference, especially when turned into a habit over a long period of time.


Adam Keenan, Lifestyle Coach


The lifestyle coaching team provide useful information to customers and identifies the best methods to put that information into place. In addition to this, more specific knowledge can be applied to certain situations such as cycling events etc. In light of both of these, a positive benefit should hopefully be seen.


Adam's Lifestyle Tip:


Moving more burns more! Taking small steps throughout your daily routine will add up. Parking that little further away from work, say 2 minutes further away will equal 20 minutes of additional walking a week (that’s if you walk to and from work 5 days a week) and you will see the difference.



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