• Whether you're a beginner or already running and are looking for training programmes, Bupa has some great advice and tips to help.
  • They offer sports, exercise, nutrition, dietary supplements and weight loss courses to develop your qualifications. You can also sign up for free to receive weekly science reports via emails on health topics.
  • NICE contains governance information, up-to-date policies, procedures and publications along with guidance, advice, quality standards and resources.
  • BHF produce free publications, leaflets, DVDs and more for heart patients, their families and people who want to learn more about living healthily.
  • An encyclopaedia of medicine that provides a trusted immediate reference resource for clinicians.
  • Free information resources on health and wellbeing for patients and a wide range of medical articles written by health professionals for professionals and medical students.
  • ‚ÄčPresents evidence for health care decision making.
  • The A-Z directory on bupa.co.uk/health-information, provides free information about conditions, treatments and procedures. This is available for our clinicians, UK Bupa customers and the general public.
  • Alex Hutchinson looks at the latest studies on all topics related to science of fitness, ranging from neuroscience to nutrition.
  • BNF offers a range of information on healthy living, nutrition science, food in schools and nutrition in the news.
  • Tools and resources to help health professionals talk to patients and other clients about eating well, moving more and staying in shape for cancer prevention.
  • PubMed has extensive medical literature and journals.
  • ‚ÄčThis section is called 'Behind the Headlines', it is a guide that talks about the science behind the news.

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