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Posted : 09 July 2018


Martina started in Bupa UK in 2015 as the Director of Clinical Governance having moved from Bupa Global where she was Head of Clinical Governance. Martina started in her new role as the Director of Governance & Provision Risk in March this year and will lead on governance and risk for the MU with her new team, the previous UKCG and the Risk & Compliance teams. The focus for 2018 for Martina will be reviewing how risk and governance systems and processes work across all businesses.

Before starting in Bupa Martina worked for a number of years in risk and governance in HCA and BMI and prior to that spent 7 years working in insurance broking with Marsh and Willis as a clinical risk consultant. Martina is a registered general nurse and is on the NMC register.




(Head of Clinical Governance and Compliance for Bupa UK)


Anne is Head of Clinical Governance and Compliance for Bupa UK. That means in practice undertaking the second line reviews of each of the businesses on an annual basis, undertaking other reviews as requested or required and providing support to the businesses to resolve identified issues.

Anne started at Bupa in 2014 at Bupa Home Healthcare and moved to the UK Team in 2015. Prior to joining Bupa, Anne worked for a number of different providers of health care in governance, audit and clinical roles.




Beth is the Clinical Governance and Compliance manager for Bupa UK. Beth’s main focus in this role is to undertake second line reviews annually of each of the businesses and providing support for other as requested. Beth rejoined Bupa in 2013 as the Clinical Services manager for the Flagship Outpatient Diagnostic and Treatment Clinic in the City, moving to the UK Governance team in February 2018.

Prior to joining Bupa Beth worked for 16 years in the NHS both in the Secondary and Primary Care and has been a qualified Adult Nurse for 24 years.





Greg leads on how our UK businesses identify, collect and use measures of quality so we can improve the care we fund and deliver.

This has included how patients rate their consultants, measures of the effectiveness of musculoskeletal treatments or dementia care, and how the quality of private hospitals should be assessed.

Before starting in healthcare in 2009, Greg’s previous background was a degree in Classics and then 10 years at British Airways, firstly as a graduate trainee scheme and then managing commercial and operational relationships with a wide range of international airline partners, franchises and subsidiaries.




Ian provides ongoing support with implementation and use of Datix, and as Datix evolves this will include other modules in addition to complaints and incidents.

Part of Ian’s role is to create, test and implement approved system changes to ensure that Datix remains a valuable tool across Bupa UK.

Prior to joining Bupa UK in March 2017, Ian worked for 2 years in Bupa’s Centre Clinical team in a similar role deploying a global incident management system.

Before joining Bupa in 2015, Ian worked for a large retail foreign exchange provider for 19 years. During that time Ian undertook various roles including customer service, sales, management, high volume recruitment and the implementation of a global recruitment and applicant tracking system across 23 countries in 8 languages.



Steve joined Bupa UK in September 2018 with a primary focus on ensuring that all risks across the UK MU are captured on Datix and managed in accordance with the Risk Management Policy. He also assists with undertaking second line reviews and providing support, advice and training on any risk related matters.


Prior to joining Bupa, Steve had a successful career in the British Army until 2007 and spent the previous 10 years working in various NHS and private healthcare organisations managing risk, governance, compliance, health & safety, security and training. During this time he successfully completed a BSc in risk and security management followed by a MSc in risk management and is currently a member of the Institute of Risk Management.




Sarah started her career with Bupa in 2007 and since 2013, as Senior Risk Manager for Bupa UK she has been supporting the delivery of our UK strategy by helping to minimise the uncertainty in achieving our business objectives caused by risks and incidents.

The busy mum of two, originally a qualified accountant, started her Bupa life within the Finance functions before transitioning to Risk where her she has strived to encourage appropriate governance and helped to provide effective frameworks and structures for our Bupa UK business lines, to assist them in managing their risks and incidents.

Life for Sarah before Bupa focused on and honed her accounting skills, working for some big and famous names including Deloitte and Kellogg’s.



Matt joined the Bupa UK Risk and Compliance Team in in January 2016 and actively supports the delivery of our Bupa UK strategy by helping to minimise the uncertainty in achieving our business objectives caused by risks and incidents as an incident manager.

This has included taking a key role in the implementation of Datix across whole of the UK, developing and refining reporting and MI that is presented throughout our UK system of governance to committees such as ARCC (Assurance, Risk and Compliance Committee), and guiding and coaching Bupa UK business lines on how to respond appropriately when things don’t go according to plan.

Life for Matt before Bupa developed his leadership style as well as his risk and incident skills, working for some big names within the banking and finance industry.




Laura joined the Bupa UK Risk and Compliance Team in October 2016 and actively supports the delivery of our Bupa UK strategy by helping to minimise the uncertainty in achieving our business objectives caused by risks and incidents as a risk manager.

This has included providing training and coaching support through our mandatory training courses, and taking an active role in the delivery of our governance frameworks to assist our Bupa UK business lines in managing their risks on a day to day basis.

Life for Laura before Bupa developed her leadership skills, as well as her risk experience through project and operational management within the banking and finance industry.



Matt Foreman

Matt focuses on incident management and clinical risk with a particularly interest in how the use of tools such as Datix can help standardise / align these activities and how we can learn from them to prevent re-occurrence.

This is inclusive of Datix developments into new modules or business areas of Bupa UK, undertaking second line quality assurance reviews and general governance support.

Prior to joining Bupa UK Matt worked for a number of years in the Centre clinical team liaising with teams globally in each of Bupa’s Market Units, which complements a background of working in informatics, project management, analytics and operational roles for the NHS and healthcare social enterprises.




Samantha focuses on governance and policy management. She ensures there is a robust governance cycle to the Bupa UK CGC meetings and activities within the team, including the organisation and participation in the second line quality assurance reviews. Samantha also provides general governance support to business lines where required.

Prior to joining Bupa UK Samantha worked in Bupa Centre Clinical under the Global Chief Nurse in supporting the Clinical Governance teams globally allowing her to spend time in some of the global offices conducting second line reviews of their clinical governance activities and providing education around incident reporting and improving communication between centre and the market units.

Before joining Bupa Samantha worked for a number of years in a private mental health setting with a role in Quality Assurance.



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