60 Seconds with Charlotte Tubey

Posted : 18 January 2017

Take a look at our Q&A with Charlotte Tubey who works at Branston Court care home in Burton.

How long have you been in your role and what does it entail?
I am a housekeeper here at Branston Court and my role includes making the home a nice place for residents through keeping it clean and tidy.

What is your favourite part of your job?
When everywhere looks clean and fresh, I get a lot of satisfaction from that.

What do you find the most challenging part of your job?
It’s quite tiring, sometimes there can be a lot to do at once and it is a physical job.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?
Finding a role that I am happy with and that I want to do. I started in the kitchens here.

Do you have any plans for your future at Bupa?
I am happy in my role...I have been here for four and a half years.


What would be your dream job if you didn’t work in a care home?
Something to do with travel or animals.


What is the best bit of advice you could offer someone starting at Bupa?
Try to avoid too much stress and putting lots of pressure on yourself. You can only do what is in your control.


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